A few thoughts

The main things which seem to me important on their own account,
and not merely as means to other things, are
knowledge, art, instinctive happiness, and relations of friendship or affection.

-- Bertrand Russell


Fix the Health Care System by writing an Executive Order to the effect that the age-discrimination law applies to Medicare. We live in a civilization, not a marketplace. Each person's ill health affects us all. Let the Market place prove it can be more efficient than the elected government. If it succeeds, bravo, if not, I don't have to worry about meeting untreated Tuberculosis on the streets of NY.
Uranium Reactors produce very very long lived intensely radioactive waste containing Plutonium that can be used to make nuclear weapons. Thorium is more plentiful than Uranium, can be fizzed in reactors that turn off at the flick of a switch (no Chernobyl style melt-downs), produce short lived waste, can burn Uranium waste as part of their fuel cycle (reducing it to short lived waste) and can't be used to make nuclear weapons. WHY would the civilized world ever want to use, much less export, anything else?
Marriage is a Religious institution. Why is it that religious Marriage ceremonies can convey civil legal rights and responsibilities? The separation of church and state should reserve such changes of status to the civil authorities. Anyone who wants to get married should be able to, and anyone who wants the rights and responsibilities traditionally, wrongly conveyed by religious authorities, should be able to get them in a civil proceeding.
In the world shaped by current technology there is no reason that a car should allow an unlicensed driver to operate it. There is no reason why an interstate highway should allow an unlicensed driver to enter it. Put ID chips in driver's licenses and chip readers in the cars. I bet this could also impact identity theft.

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