Amateur Radio Resources

Propagation Conditions

Complete Space Weather report from NOAA

Space Weather report for the Emergency Community from NOAA


Real Time Lightning Map

Real Time Wind Map

On Line Radio ham band radio receivers

Scroll to the map at the bottom of the page. Pick a station. Scroll up to that station's link.

For North East US HF SDR tryK2SDR's link.

For North East US VHF/UHF SDR tryW2NNN's link.

Orbiting Links

Live status and location maps for OSCARs.

OSCAR Satellite Schedules.

International Space Station Schedules.

Emergency Maps

This map provides a worldwide view of ongoing emergency situations.

This map shows worldwide cyber attacks.

RF Safety

Amateur Radio RF safety calculator

Grid Square

Ten place Maidenhead Grid locator

Azimuthal Map

Use the first six characters from the Maidenhead Grid result from the page above as the location in this map generator.

Useful Tables

Sherwood Labs receiver tests.

Coaxial Cable properties.

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