Downloads for Tai Chi

Please download these files for personal use copies only.

Thank you.

Sword Form Frame Captures

A gift from Saul Krotki. This is a large file (~120 MByte). Expect the download to take half an hour on a DSL connection. You may not see a progress bar so be patient.

Principles of Rollback

Another gift from Saul Krotki. This is a character by character translation of Professor Cheng's instructions for rollback.

First day of sword class notes

This is a legacy transmission from Tam Gibbs. It's one page but very important. It's an accurate representation of Professor Cheng's introductory lecture. It will, most likely, give you lots to think about concerning the state of T'ai Chi practice today.

Professor Cheng's sword book

The translation, from Ed Young, sadly, is only one page long. It is the first and only page page of Professor Cheng's unfinished sword book.

Blackboard Lecture

This page has photographs of the blackboard lecture from a class lecture by Stephen Cowan and Ed Young on the qualities discussed in Chapter 15 of the Tao Te Ching.

Characters Lecture

This is a scan of Ed Young's notes for a class lecture on the meaning of several important chinese charaters.

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